September Open Perspective

What is Open Culture?

The digital revolution has changed things for museums, galleries, libraries and archives. No longer are their collections kept solely on shelves, behind glass or locked in vaults. Now, it is possible to look at, examine, learn from and use their material in a digital format online. When it’s accessible and free of usage restrictions, it’s called open culture. And it’s changing the world.

Bringing you this month’s feature is Europeana, the organization behind Europeana Collections - Europe’s digital library, museum, gallery and archive. Europeana’s purpose is to ‘transform the world with culture’. We work hard to make sure people can find, use and share cultural heritage material online. For research. For education. For creating new things. We bring together the organizations that have heritage to share with the people and sectors who want to view it, share it and build with it.

Throughout September, we’ll hear from people across the globe who strive each day to open up culture and we’ll discover some great things that have happened as a result of their, and their partner organizations’ hard work.

What is Year of Open

The Year of Open is a global focus on open processes, systems, and tools, created through collaborative approaches, that enhance our education, businesses, governments, and organizations.

Get Involved

We want to hear from you during the Year of Open. What information, tools, project and resources have you created? Is there something you’ve accomplished that you’d like to share? With your contribution and involvement, we can elevate the Year of Open.

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